Sunset at Granor Price Homes' the Riverfront at Palmyra

Granor Price Homes is proud of each home we build.  We want every resident of our new communities to enjoy their homes to the fullest.  For that reason, we provide a 10-year limited warranty, as well as manufacturer and contractor warranties.  Complete details are located in the large loose-leaf warranty binder received at closing, as well in the Professional Warranty Corp. limited warranty form.

To provide you the quickest solution for your service needs, please consult the loose-leaf binder before calling or writing for warranty service.  Also, we ask you to contact certain contractors directly for service, so you can schedule the best available time directly with the service provider.

If you do not receive timely service, please contact our warranty service coordinator at 215-830-1100 ext. 221.  For your records and ours, it is best to send a written request for service, which may be faxed to 215-830-8599.

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